We began the development of application that guardians could always observe the place where care-needed people live by using iPhone.For more details
Advanced technology is equipped within iPod and iPod touch, e.g. Screen touch action, GPS, highway interet, accelerometer, browse, and we can create application that make full use of the technology.
We think together about your curriculum asking each student, "What do you want to learn?". We teach courteously based on the original text. We suggest an original curriculum only for you.
We are now putting all our energies into building stable development system in Japan. And in the long term, we are planning to spread out offshore development in Brazil. Nowadays, China and India are famous for offshore outsourcing countries, but we are willing to make efforts in Brazil accomplishing rapid growth by IT. There are system engineers and programmers who are proficient in English/Portuguese/Korean/Chinese in Skybrains Inc..